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May 19, 2005



There is of course an irony that the public finance model enables a higher degree of risk-taking than the private sector is able to, given that public sector employees are constantly denigrated by management experts for being psychologically risk averse.

I think you've got that back to front - what's ironic is that the "cosy, inward-looking public-sector" calumny* persists despite all the counter-evidence. The idea seems to be that public-sector organisations are all monopolies, unlike any private-sector company (false twice over); that, as well as being insulated from competition, they're financially secure, again unlike any private-sector company (very, very false twice over); and that financial security promotes risk-aversion (not so much false as self-evidently silly).

But I think all it really comes down to is that public-sector broadcasting is old stuff, so the BBC's just got to be tired and boring and backward-looking, right? It's not? Wow, that's ironic!

*I hate the word 'meme'.

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