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July 27, 2005



I sat watching the video of Big Loader on repeat for a good minute or so this morning. Hypnotic, I tell you.


Interesting. Perhaps in some ways a certain kind of relaxation, the ability to wander without neurosis (as the flaneur might) is sacrificed in the age of access, when capital becomes fused with surveillance? In a sense this would chime with other contemporary reclamations of the experience of social life from the pervasive angst of technology (such as the no internet day)

just in case anyone is interested, here's a good definition of the 'flaneur':

A flaneur is known as a gentleman of leisure. This can describe someone who does not give himself up to the nervous energy and rush of neurotic society. He is relaxed; he flirts with the world. He is more of an observer than a participator. He goes where he wants when he wants and the city is his setting. The city, however, is most appropriately contextualized in the early nineteenth century. It was then that this slow paced leisurely life was possible in this backdrop.

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