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October 08, 2005


Paul Goodison

Hmmm, aren't you an ethnographer? Don't you attempt to get inside people's heads and see how they work? How does doing that in conversational terms differ?

BTW: thanks for a chance to read the presentation - interesting perspective :)

Will Davies

nope, never knowingly conducted ethnography. Sociology is more my bag.

A few people (including me) asked Zeldin to comment on broader structural aspects of society, and whether political change might actually require us to develop better forms of public interaction, where intimacy may not be so helpful. He seemed to counter this with the suggestion that all change begins at the level of the emotions or the psyche, which I disagree with.

John Curran

Quite a contrast between Nelson and Zeldin - frustrated and slightly cynical visionary versus intellectual idealist. Never knew they both 'hung out' in Oxford. Enjoyed your bit on social capital - I'm interested in 'capitals' other than financial - especially intellectual capital. Have also blogged the Templeton event .

John Curran

Sorry - linked to wrong blog!

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