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January 28, 2006


Andrew Brown

These things aren't just in the political/public relm. Look at the arguements that scientists now have to have (MMR, climate change etc.) which wouldn't have been the case before.

So, isn't it just a matter of authority figures recognising that just because they say things they can't expect to have the influence they once might? And as a result they are trying to deploy arguements that they think will increase the traction on what they are saying.

Anthony Zacharzeski

This is not just of the left - have you seen the Daily Mail (or worse, the Express) coverage of speed cameras? It is an Englishman's GOD GIVEN RIGHT to break speed limits, it seems, and anything that prevents or punishes them is wrong and somehow unfair, like using a machine gun at a Civil war re-enactment.

It's not quite an Englishman's GOD GIVEN RIGHT to use cocaine yet, but once a few middle-class journalists get nicked, it won't be long.

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