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May 15, 2006


Lee Bryant

too much nonsense language like this is allowed into circulation without people thinking through what it means - well done for stating this one so clearly

Phil (at home)

"rats and cockroaches are external to society; muggers and even rapists are part of society, regardless of whether you think they have rights."

My planned post about New Labour's Lombrosianism is increasingly overdue.

"To treat a crime as something requiring better service suggests that the 'consumer' of that service simply needs to be relieved of some alien phenomenon, in the same way they are relieved of illness. Crime then becomes a form of virus - a feeling of fear, mixed with falling property prices, but not really a social phenomenon at all."

This is an interesting and slightly different angle - and I think you've nailed something important here, too (unfortunately). Anti-social behaviour, for example, is effectively defined as behaviour /that somebody finds anti-social/ - an endlessly expandable definition. (Endlessly contractable, too, if we lived in happier times.)

Tim Aldrich

A timely response, Will.

Additionally, I'd say that by making the Criminal Justice System a 'public service' certain people get prioritised over others. (Of course it has been a mantra of the Daily Mail that the criminals get treated better than the victims, so this figures with the audience the PM had in mind)

This quickly leads to a stakeholder view of the criminal justice system - what do the stakeholders want? How do we give it to them? Which, while suitable for many companies and organisations, is potentially very dangerous when abstracted from the due legislative process and an independent judiciary.

This is the Blair protocol: a public service criminal justice system should protect you and bang up/extradite those you don't like and if the law says otherwise the law is wrong.

Keep up the good work.

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