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June 27, 2006


David Mery

Interesting analysis that fits nicely a recent comment in the House of Lords about the Police and Justice Bill: "I am told by the Library that this is the 52nd Home Office Bill since the Government came to power in 1997."

br -d

Will Davies

Nice spot David. So that's nearly one Bill every two months. And as long as in-coming Home Secretaries can accuse their department of not being "fit for purpose", then endless reform and transformation can continue without anyone having to be accountable for it.

David Mery

It was originally spotted by Spy Blog at http://www.spy.org.uk/spyblog/2006/06/police_and_justice_bill_gets_i.html

I just added it to the laundry list I occasionally maintain at

br -d

P.S. Talking of "one Bill", sorry you couldn't make it to the PuntCon this year!

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