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September 25, 2006



Wasn't it Hitler who expounded the big lie theory in Mein Kampf? http://www.hitler.org/writings/Mein_Kampf/mkv1ch10.html

I can't check the link as, in delicious irony, I'm writing about the internet and free speech but am unable to access it because the firewall prevents me - Mein Kampf is apparently classed as "Crim Skills".

Andrew Orlowski

When you use the monolithic term "music industry" referring to the tax credits kite, you're referring to an initiative by the BPI, which predominantly represents the interests of the big four labels. But when you refer to value rights recognition, you're describing to an initiative by a coalition of independent labels and publishers - a move bitterly opposed by the BPI.

Does it make any sense to talk about a "music industry", when you're referring to competing interests and coalitions? For example, independent labels recently united to block the merger of BMG and Sony in the European courts - the merger was subsequently abandoned. Another example - publishers and recording companies holders have traditionally been at loggerheads over the royalty shares.

Surely, it makes about as much sense to describe use the term "music industry" as it does to refer to "the politicians".

As in, "The latest lunacy from politicians is that they want to flog pensioners..."

Blanket use of the term obfuscates and conceals, rather than illuminates, what's really going on.

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