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September 05, 2006



"The exchange is not a conscious economic one of paying for something, but an unconscious one of stumbling upon advertising as one is reading the articles in it"

Um... have you ever read a trade magazine? Come to that, I can't see many paid-for newspapers surviving in anything like their current form without advertising. This isn't a new development.

Good rant, though.

Matt Edgar

On the food thing, it seems the industry recognises that we want to reconnect with the way their food is produced - but then goes on to patronise us with this whole Janet and John sitting at the kitchen table cooking with mother kind of narrative.

For my money, the Cheesestrings ad is much smarter - they're just made of cheese, it says, but check out the amazing machinery you need to roll them, stretch them and double wrap them in plastic. Bring back child-like wonder at the miracle of processed food (cheesy grin :)


Will Davies

Phil - in general, I suppose you're right. But in the realm of media, something is new. Thanks to the internet/digitisation/Google a new business model has obviously emerged where the goal is scale of audience first and foremost, which is then 'monetised' on the margins by whatever means possible. Admittedly this doesn't apply to the free newspapers that now cover London's pavements (the floor of the bus this evening looked like the debris at the end of a large family christmas), but the drift of marketing might have been diverted marginally anyhow.

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