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October 30, 2006



the irony!

Will Davies

Tell me about it.

The god father of all things open, Lawrence Lessig, has also noticed the, ahem, irony...

Andrew Orlowski

It might be fairer to describe Richard M Stallman as "the god father of all things open." Stallman wrote the GNU manifesto in the early 1980s: CC licenses were inspired by the GNU GPL twenty years earlier, rather than vice versa.

And to my knowledge, Stallman has yet to endorse DRM. It sounds unlikely that he ever will, either.

Pablo Rodríguez

I think it is stupid not to post the PDF on your report on the IPPR, since offering the electronic version for free will increase the requests for the printed version. (As a compromise solution, it seems that the electronic version will be sent to those who request it by email.)


hi will,
sometimes good things happen in spain, a judge just ruled that free music downloads are legal for own use, the whole story at the guardian

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