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January 04, 2007



One solution to this is to include a more radical devolution of police and judicial powers to the community, a communitarian measure that might prove too illiberal for this government.

I'm wary of arguing that anything is too illiberal for this government. Besides, isn't that precisely the aim of Ruth Kelly's parish council reforms?

Will Davies

My original draft had "too illiberal even for this government" but I was worried that I could then be bracketted as a civil liberties advocate, which would a) be a misrepresentation of Foucault, and b) mean I could be roundly dismissed as a nutter by any New Labourites.


It might be worth looking at this anthropological approach to looking at power and knowledge. You can down load David Graeber's paper: Beyond Power/Knowledge: an exploration of the relation of power, ignorance and stupidity - from this LSE website


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