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March 15, 2007



You're starting to sound like Nick Robinson


Think Tanks have quite a lot of independence within given boundaries.

To fit your metaphor - you can piss off one set of grandparents and still afford the wedding but if you offend both the party's over.

Will Davies

Harry, you may say that but some of the MPs I was speaking to this evening in the lobby feel that maybe - just maybe - this might be the time when things finally come home to roost for me. And if that happens - and that remains an if - then things could get very messy for me indeed. Watch this space. Back to you.

Dougald Hine

Nice metaphor. It set me thinking, on a complete tangent, of the word 'symposium' and the ancient link between thinking and drinking. On which note, nice to meet you the other night. It was a very enjoyable little symposium...

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