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September 06, 2007


Mark Wadsworth

Well, they'd ban that sort of free-for-all kayaking in the UK because of some obscrure health and safety regulation.


Possibly. Although I did have to sign to accept all legal responsibility for anything that might happen in connection to me and this anarchic maritime experience.

There is a whole other story about how American self-governance to be told, about how it is facilitated partly by an inescapable of web of legal definitions and commitments.


You mention Cameroon's and Brown's compulsion to make policy announcements. Taking a consumerist viewpoint, aren't they just producers of political products, and suffering from what you describe elsewhere as market for lemons....? [pun_mode=on] So does that explain Britons' sour faces when presented with such fruitless appeals?


Quite possibly. But the problem here is that if you start to view politics in that way, everything becomes merely transactional (this is what public choice theory does to politics). If you assume that politics is just supply and demand, then it inevitably follows that you will find it rather empty. Brown and Cameron certainly wouldn't see themselves as simply selling a policy product to a market, so it would be you introducing the market metaphor in this instance...


Yes, I am introducing the metaphor, and it is just that - another way or lighting them. Maybe I'm wrong - it does happen - but whether they see themselves in that light or not is irrelevant if that's how they appear to us.

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