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September 29, 2007


David Brake

Well yours is one of the only UK politics-related blogs I read. Is there any evidence that blogs on either side of the political divide have had any significant impact on the UK political scene so far? Any academic papers on this? Any that attempt to explain the difference in impact between the US and UK political blogospheres? I am curious.


None that I know of David. Maybe this will hold some answers...


But given your cosiness with the Adam Smith Institute et al, I new demand to be told your ranking as a right-of-centre blogger - higher or lower? ;)


Shit, that's a thought. Perhaps I can start blogging badly from the right-of-centre to get myself lowered in their rankings. But what does that even mean?


There is no left and right - what matters is what works.


Sorry, I meant what does 'blogging badly' mean rather than what does 'right-of-centre' mean. You may well tell me that I already have an instinctive feel for it...

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