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March 28, 2008



Very nice!


Quite so. I think there's also something else going on here - managers' and marketers' desire for danger, for a bit of edge. Buying a book like this enables them to hang out with difficult ideas, without having to follow through. And politically, it enables one to cloak some pretty conservative instincts in progressive / anarchic clothing.

An example of this - I spent the other evening doing some future-gazing for a large developer. It was amazing how most of the 'experts' there - I include myself in the quote marks - were deploying Marxist analysis, post-structuralism, chaos theory and Bourdieu all over the place, but then using this to show the client how to extract more value from their new shopping centre. I talked about regeneration and what people want, and sounded like the most right-wing person in the room ...

Will Davies

...and as May approaches, no doubt we're all expected to express our gratitude to the 68ers and the wonderful legacy they left for the rest of us. I suspect Guy Debord killed himself because he sudddenly developed an urge to go to Ikea.

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