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November 12, 2008



what's needed is a cross between Twitter and Habermas

A social messaging service with a 140-chapter limit?


A simple solution to your Coldplay dilemma: take the Stalinist approach towards rewriting history and bin the scrobbles you don't like!

Will Davies

Ah yes, of course! Careful post-hoc editing of music taste.

Here's another question: what would be the last.fm equivalent for 'I do' questions, as opposed to 'I like' questions? Some sort of gadget that recorded your actions throughout the day (allowing you to bin the 'went shoplifting' scrobble). Then you could highlight your most recurrent moral acts, and cross-tabulate them with everyone else's. And if, for instance, it turned out that all your friends and moral 'neighbours' were all busily taking meals round to old ladies, you might choose to give that a go as well.


My life's quite governmentalised enough already, ta.

Will Davies

ok, ok! Its a thought experiment, nobody mentioned governmentality. It's just that given people seem content to voluntarily codify their own lives to the extent that they do, many of them for public consumption (private spin doctory, god knows why), why is practical judgement so absent?

Suddenly I'm being accused of social engineering.

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