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November 19, 2008


Rob Knight

I'm actually fairly certain that whoever designs these things does understand how awful they are and is prepared to celebrate that awfulness for its own sake. Nothing else could possibly explain the entrance to the Trafford Centre (and, trust me, that's not the worst of it).

I've always felt quite ambivalent about it; on the one hand it's awful for all of the obvious reasons, but I can't help admiring the completely unabashed willingness to shove that awfulness square in everyone's face.

Will Davies

Thanks Rob, that really is a gem.

I note the words written across that neo-classical trifle read 'Hold Fast That Which Is Good'. A quick bit of googling reveals these to be lifted from the New Testament, St Paul's letter to the Thessalonians. Bondage gear suddenly seems rather appropriate by comparison...



Will Davies

For a brief and surreal moment there, I thought a woman had commented on my blog. Then I realised from the given email - hrh@windsor.com - it was (presumably) a man impersonating Her Majesty, and normality was resumed


The thing about the Trafford Centre is that it's not fake opulence, it's real opulence - what looks like marble is, in fact, marble. It's the gold bathtap stage of retail theatre - the shopping centre itself as conspicuous consumer.

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