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January 27, 2009


Bruce Davis

The suspension of disbelief is a wonderous thing. Perhaps he was the best footballer they could get for the money (I doubt that it was turned down by the top 6 on the grounds of brand image or taste).

Are you saying that the best dressed man in sociology doesn't appreciate the negative feng shui of his current ipod docking station?


Thanks for solving the mystery of that iPod ad...so that's what its about...


Good to have you back. I've missed your morose social commentary.

Ronaldiniho can't even make it into the Milan side at the moment, let along sixth best in the world.


The ipod thing is for watching films you idjut.


See, the iStation Rotate has a future in these credit-crunchy times after all ... probably.

Presumably the next phase of post-speculative melancholia will be silent vigils outside boarded-up branches of Woolworths. Or perhaps, in a Ballardian twist, traumatised people will be discovered inside, going through ritualised shelf-stacking and stealing from the pick'n'mix?

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