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February 11, 2009



Spotify being a great example of the commodified version of the "free". Think of all that metadata on listening habits and opportunities for advertising they must be generating. Trouble is, it's such a good service!

Bruce Davis

Schumpeter's creative destruction comes to the creative industry?

The "fiery spirits" will always seek new ways of applying technologies to make money - although the myth is somehow that disruption 'grows' the market rather than destroys the incumbent. EMI isn't about to vote for christmas but when your business is a turkey the deck is stacked against you somewhat.


I'd be quite interested to know which year in the next decade will be the one when the last properly-funded non US-originated TV drama is made.

Chris Clark

Is it protecting from market forces or from cultural changes? A lot of people who oppose copyright changes, or modern copyright in general, think of their work as about civil liberties, and their economic arguments as secondary (at least the more honest acknowledge that their preferred changes are not going to make everybody richer).

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