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February 21, 2009



Well I've got two kids, listen to Hercules and Love Affair, go to university, listen to 'podcasts', like social excursions (wearing flipflops), enjoy the Telegraph, smoke crystal meth, hate the iphone, love Tic Tacs and vote Respect.

Apparently this makes me a Rah (presumably the Telegraph swung it, not the crystal meth). What tribe were you?


I ended up a Grunger. I wasn't paying attention to what I clicked. Being a caveman, I didn't understand much of it anyway.

PS: Didn't it display a bunch of subliminal adverts while your tribe was computed?


I am a 22 year old bisexual chav! Apparently.


I think that's us. As in Channel 4. its definitely our font, for sure, and we've had an ongoing 'tribes' research project for some years...


Interesting, Mat. Certainly a less commercial agenda than one might have thought.

Kevin Harris

I went for complete honesty. That should bring the system to its knees.

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