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April 17, 2009


Bruce Davis

Whatever Gladwell says about who sneezed what, I blame the media - my wife ordered one of these (they are available in a non-Wehrmacht pink with flowers too) from the Sunday Times style section via her Christmas list for 2008.

Accessorizing safety. Any mug can be safety conscious, but it takes individuality to be fashion conscious at the same time.

You might ask the same question about flat caps - glimmers of an emergent class consciousness or faddish credit crunch fashion statement? ;)

Will Davies

Bruce, if that's a direct dig at my head-wear, I might ask the more follicly gifted to show some sympathy for me during the British winter!

Bruce Davis

Yes, it's grim up North London in the cold winter months. What will be your utilitarian/fashionable (delete as appropriate) choice of protective headgear be for the summer?


Are you sure you're not calling this too early?


'no results found for 'momus bicycle helmet''

or maybe the man with the eyepatch has finally given up ...

Will Davies

Max: are you saying that some chap called Momus is in charge? Who is he and how did he seize this position?


well, i don't see how anyone can trump this:

a) lives in berlin
b) wears eyepatch, dresses in rags (http://imomus.com/newestpressshots.html)
c) sample blog entry: 'Did Beatnik Grifter Play On Loathsome Hipster Negro Fetish?'
d) claims to have records out on 4ad and creation
e) is actually 49

that's hipster numberwang!

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