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April 20, 2009



"If I unlike you, it's because I am unlike you. Because I am unlike you, I do not want to be linked to you. I do not want to be produced by you. I do not dislike you; I'm just not like you. Not linking to you makes me different from you."

Lee Bryant

The word is 'ignore', surely, which isn't new. Hey - it's better than marginalise, dispossess or exterminate. Not necessarily brutal.

Bruce Davis

Having been 'unfriended' myself recently - a long story - I would say that it is more akin to 'not talking' or cyber-sulking than actual social disconnection. I would say it adds to the social pollution rather than cleanses as a result (I can still 'see' them - we are just not talking). You get the same effect in small, tightknit, slighty over related village communities perhaps?

Will Davies

Lee - I guess I was wondering if brutalism could be divorced from brutality... As a sort of style. But probably not. After all, people are not buildings or any other type of object. Actually, the whole notion of transporting a design aesthetic to social relations is deeply unattractive now I come to think of it!


So now I await your efforts in unblogging. :-P

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