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June 16, 2009


Naadir Jeewa


Will Davies



Congrats! and keep up the blogging


Also, any chance of your thesis appearing online somewhere before the Penguin copy hits shelves?

Will Davies

Probably not, I'm afraid. But I will of course try and ring some more journal articles out of it.

Bruce Davis

Congratulations - nice binding! Any book signings planned before you head to the "other place"!

David Brake

A thing of beauty - and congrats on the new job! When's the viva?

Will Davies

Thanks, David. Viva hopefully in late September, otherwise my job can't start

Jamie (for once not anon)

Well done! Perfectly timed for an Ashes summer too...

Will Davies

Thanks, Jamie. And to think I started the whole thing only a week or two after the 2005 victory celebrations... (I think the 5-0 white-washing downunder coincided with a period of intellectual stagnation).

Peter Erdélyi

Congratulations Will, well done! Looking forward to the journal articles.

dan windross

well done will! time for more than one drink i would suggest

Will Davies

Wow, nothing like a completed PhD to smoke out a few 'lurkers' - good to hear from you Dan!

David Brake

Also see http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/lh/photo/u6kjNqHvbtGOjirJDzf1cw?authkey=Gv1sRgCKDPw96ir8Df1gE&feat=directlink

Matt Locke

congratulations will!

Will Davies

thanks all, and congrats David.

My viva is now fixed for 23rd September, so that's the date from when I will (fingers crossed) only answer to 'Dr'

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