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June 19, 2009


Bruce Davis

We tried a different strategy because we were merging two houses into one and already had 2 of everything "housey".
We started a gift account at an art gallery local to where we got married and people bought vouchers which we could then go in and choose. the good thing was that it showcased local artists so had a constantly changing inventory. in fact I think we are still in credit 2 years later. The reasoning was that noone would try to buy art for someone else but they felt that at least it wasn't art. Mauss would have been proud as it worked a treat and we didn't get any dodgy looking crystal or bath towels.

Bruce Davis

oops - second 'art' should be 'at least it wasn't money'. it wasn't necessarily art either but I know what I like

Will Davies

I'm not sure that even a Picasso has the full modernist potential of the unlimited freedom of the London bus and tube network. I ommitted to mention that cash performs a crucial function in the pocket of the flaneur, which also needs substituting for.

My idea still wins. Then again, I might need to grow up a little if I'm getting married.

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