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March 23, 2010


Bruce Davis

I await the chance to buy lingerie derivatives on the Meet Market and treat cosmetic surgery as a non-chargeable capital gain in an easy to operate SIPP wrapper. Why didn't Darling include that easy give away today? Britain could be a "world leader" in the creation, accumulation and export of erotic capital. Is that a bubble in your pocket? .... no let's not go there.


I wanna geek out, and say the appendix reads like attribute descriptions in a D&D-style role-playing game:

Social attractiveness Includes grace, charm and social skills – the ability to make others feel at ease and happy..."

*rolls dice*

16. Yahtzee! That gives me--quick mental arithmetic--12 erotic points. And now my character's rolled, I'm ready to play Sex workers & Sociologists.


The short blurb on the LSE page gives the impression that this paper says: "Wear short skirts and you'll earn more money", but is that what the actual paper is about? I just scanned the first bit and it seems to potentially offer an extra sociological analytic dimension- or am I being to optimistic here?
Her use of the term erotic capital seems to refer back to Bourdieu; seems to be used in a sense a little wider than the purely economic.

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