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March 06, 2010


Andrew Neilson

I am a reader of the blog, and this sounds like the sort of thing I'd read about, nod, and ignore (in a nice way). Except The Scolt Head is opposite my work - the Howard League for Penal Reform - and I have found myself there of a Friday evening in the past.

So I think I might like to come along. I'm assuming if I can rustle up a league of penal reformers to come with me that might be a good thing. Not that I can promise anything...


Very interesting idea. It's a bit tricky for me to get to, alas, as I am disabled and there's not much in the way of accessible stations round there. I think you should photo-blog the party so I can attend remotely. Yes.

Kevin Harris

Will - I do read, don't work for DIUS, regret won't be there, but glad to learn the trust is doin well. k

Will Davies

Andrew - excellent! Is that the same building as the probation office? My only knowledge of that stems from the fact that Pete Doherty used to report there, and for a few months would frequent the pub with Kate Moss. It's like Stella Street round there...

Naomi, Kevin - sorry you won't make it, but maybe I will indeed photoblog it.

Andrew Neilson

We are next to the probation office. directly opposite the pub on Ardleigh Road. In fact my office window looks onto the Scolt Head.

And yes, I recall seeing Pete Doherty sans La Moss stumble out of the Scolt Head one afternoon and into a Jag, figured it had something to do with probation.

Anyhow, I look forward to the 26th.


Wish I could make it. Hope to read a report.

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