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April 05, 2010


Bruce Davis

Bizarrely, I have just been watching old videos of Camberwick Green with my kids to fill a wet Easter afternoon in which Windy Miller's 'happy (this is 1966 - organic is still to be invented!)eggs' are chosen over Jonathan Miller's 'the modern mechanised farmer' (sic) mass produced eggs by the residents of the Green. JM cannot compete because he couldn't engineer the collection of the eggs in a free range way and cover his costs. He is forced to sell his eggs at the railway junction 'where one egg is much like another as long as they make the grade'. Both are happy (or at least Windy Miller decides not to rub it in too much even though the 'modern farmer' had ridiculed his little egg operation at the beginning of the episode. Optimisation is not only winning in the local economy, it is also morally superior! Cbeebies eat your post modern heart out.

Dick Pountain

Couldn't agree more. All the measures that need to be taken to solve our current problems - credit, finance, transport, climate change, education, you name it, involve not entirely abolishing markets but regulating them in ways that are bound to generate less that maximal profit. And despite the panic cries of market fundos, that doesn't mean a return to the stone age.

The problem is finding ANY politicians with the courage to enforce them

Anthony Barnett

Just seen this. It seemed to me that the comments discussion after it were about firms making things whereas the logic - or rather dislogic - of maximisation does its pernicious work at the level of finance.

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