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April 03, 2010



The entire cast had taken the night off to get drunk and come out to watch, cheer, and heckle their understudies?

Will Davies

OK, nobody cares (except Phil who's nice). I shan't try this again.

Answer: the play was based on their village.

(hence, local publican buys up 30 tickets, organises bus to London, fills bus up with booze, people get smashed; it being a small village, social capital is more inclusive across ages and class, but not race; key characters in the play are based on actual individuals in the village - real name has been changed - and they receive a cheer of recognition when they take the stage.)


That's fascinating - what did it do to your (retrospective) experience of the play?

Lucy Honeychurch

I guessed they were just a bunch of politicians.

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