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May 07, 2010


Will Ross

WHAT?! You'd sacrifice the NHS before spending time with the delightful and fragrant Leaders' Wives? Not only are you an heretic, but this is a clear case of putting cutting-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face before pleasure.

I always thought the markets loved risk and ambivalence, being essentially machines for scrubbing risk out of the system. Of course, we may not like the certainties they deliver.

On your main point, though, I have two responses.

1. The votes are cast on the basis of a story that is spun by the media and is only loosely connected to policy or real achievement. I suspect that history will be much kinder to this government's record than the Daily Mail. Changing policy is not enough: you need to find a way to deliver that change of policy, or even the current policies, to the millions of voters who don't have a keen interest in politics.

2. I agree with your final sentiment. Against all the odds, our creaking system has returned the right answer. Manifestos returned "must try harder" and repeats every six months to two years until we get something we can stand behind. It'll be slow and very painful, but we'll get there in the end. I'm afraid you don't get time with the LWs. Sorry.

Richard Dewar

I'm a little less wordy than most of the people on this page. This is my view on UK political elections . " The best Liar gets the job ".

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