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June 02, 2010



Good post, Will. But surely the difference between fairness and equality is something that any party of the Left (whether that is the Labour party or not, discuss) should be interested in pursuing? 'The equal treatment of unequals,' can certainly be left to the Con Dems.


I'm interested that you didn't link this with ownership and democratic participation - because what is striking is that men like Cameron and Clegg, priviledged backgrounds, both multimillionaires, have surely enjoyed lives with high levels of empowerment.

At PMQs, Cameron was prompted to revive that Tory slogan of the 80s privatisations - "popular capitalism" - when asked how long it would be before the banks were sold back to his City mates. As an ideological construct to legitimise redistribution from the many to the few (to coin a phrase) it no longer works, particularly as share ownership in the main implies little commitment beyond a dividend.

Perhaps the battle of ideas concerning neoliberal orthodoxy will be between Tory attempts to contain fairness proposals (pay ratios, living wage, subsidised co-ops in public services) within the domain of public expenditure and Labour attempts to generalise these proposals.


Really good piece.

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