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September 14, 2010


Ian Christie

Sup with a long spoon at the Battle of Ideas. They have many excellent speakers, but the audiences are packed with IoI drones. 'Invasion of the Body-Snatchers' comes to mind.
The ex-Living Marxist IoI and their many front organisations used to be vulgar Marxists and are now vulgar technophiliacs and proponents of no-holds-barred global industrialism and crude libertarianism. They switched sides from far left to the Ayn Rand-style far right without a beat. The common thread is power-worship and a C19th ideology of secular progress through technology. They are clever and energetic and right on the money every other blue moon, but need to be treated with great suspicion.


Seconded. Its always interesting to see who they put you up against on a panel. In my experience, the IoI tend to assume what you are going to say before you get there, and then put you up against someone with whom they hope you will have a scrap. It is subversive to be a model of reasonableness in that context; though the audience may feel robbed...
Given the topic, however, your panel may be sweetness and light.

Will Davies

Agreed. It's indicative that I'm supposed to be discussing the 'battle' over employee ownership. Perhaps I should go one further and, a la Republican presidents, declare a 'War On Shareholders'...


I like that the conflict within the debate itself mirrors the conflicts within New Labour - is the revival of cooperativism a rebranding of "public service reform" or the return of the "third way"?

On the intellectuals formerly known as the RCP - I once spoke to a former member who told me that the Spiked / IoI stuff wasn't a break in political terms, but about adjusting to changed circumstances...


Background on these guys here...


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