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September 02, 2010


Paul Sagar

Another fantastic blog.

For your interest, do you know that Chris Brooke (of the very infrequent Virtual Stoa blog) has spent the last 3 days doing a marathon tweeting of the entire contents of A Journey? (Yes, he is a bit mad).

It's worth reading back over some of the highlights Chris pulls out. I think much of it would substantiate your basic analysis (certainly yours is more sophisticated than mine, which is mostly that Blair is a bit thick):


(work backwards through the tweets til you get to the start, if you can bear it).

Will Davies

That is truly crazy, though strangely noble as well.

Paul Sagar

Chris has ordered the entire marathon chronologically, and put it up here:


Definitely worth a read, I think. By the end it appears clear that Blair is quite a seriously deluded man.

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