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October 27, 2010


Jacques-Olivier Charron

A French Association of Political Economy has been created one year ago (see their website : http://www.assoeconomiepolitique.org/). I'll be at their first congress that will take place in Lille on the 9th and 10th of December. One of the issues discussed at the meetings of this assocation in an interesting institutional one : to make political economy (or "socio-economy" or something else, it is not clear yet) be recognized (at least in France) as a distinct academic discipline. That is, it would'nt be economics nor sociology but "something in-between" (or something else?). What has really triggered the initiative is the fact that it has become nearly impossible for heterodox or would-be heterodox economists to find an academic or research position in France. So they are trying to push for institutional changes that would make room for this kind of research, and also trying to enrol social scientists for it. I've heard for example Olivier Favereau and Alain Caillé arguing for this institutional change that would imply the creation of a new "section" in the "CNU" (Conseil National des Universités [National Universities Council]).

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