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December 27, 2010



I watched the opening, to see if it was as bad as Will Self said (at 4:20); it was. I watched a couple of minutes later on, where Tony Blair is telling George W. Bush to back off and not take Britain for granted because hey, Oasis and David Beckham. How like life!

Ian C

I liked Blackadder, could tolerate 4W and a Funeral because of the splendid and late lamented Charlotte Coleman, and lost all patience when RC produced the insultingly bad The Girl in the Cafe, supposed to be a radical call to activism on global poverty. It was in reality, as you so accurately note, a way of signalling to his luvvie friends what an exquisite liberal conscience Richard Curtis and his mates have. I watched 20 minutes of Love Actually the other night, having chanced upon it, and was transfixed by its dreadfulness. It makes The Girl In the Cafe look like something by Godard. I abandoned it when Hugh Grant as the PM makes his ludicrous speech to the US President. Will Self was right on the money. And a happy New Year to all Potlatchers.


I find the more I watch them, the less irritating they become. Once I've got over the fakery and smugness, I just let it wash all over me.

I still get annoyed by the reference to brownies (the cake) in Notting Hill though

Dick Pountain

That's Curtis well skewered (and so deservedly). I'll confess to being a little disappointed that it isn't an *actual* obituary.

Richard Curtis

Yes, The Girl in the Cafe was crap. I blame Geldof.

But when all is said and done, it was better under Blair was it not?

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