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December 01, 2010


Dick Pountain

> state of the art transport networks for getting the hell out of Birmingham.

ROFL, as the young folks would say :)

Ian C

Never mind the quality, feel the bandwidth.

A good test with concepts such as 'facetime' (a word from the Newspeak dictionary) is to ask whether you'd ever use them in personal life. If using them would make you sound like a sociopath or trainee android, then it is a fair bet that using them in your municipal communications strategy is a bad idea.

Organisations in the grip of neoliberal utilitarian technophilia make this mistake all the time, and never learn.


'Facetime': possibly a term whose meaning is about to change. Consider, for example, the looxie(http://www.looxcie.com/how-looxcie-works.html) , a wearable camcorder that is always on

"When you experience something you want to share, just click the Instant Clip button to save a clip of the last thirty seconds.Wear Looxcie to video everything you see. Instantly email clips or post them to Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. $199."

This, surely, is a new twist on an old theme: how long before they become compulsory parts of community punishments like those tracker devices strapped to legs....

Will Davies

Charlie - that is astonishing. I'm scared.


You've beaten me to the blog, dammit! I've been puzzling about this too - although I'm basically wondering why on earth they're selling 'facetime' in a megacity which offers a hell of a lot more facetime than Birmingham will ever have ...

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