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January 25, 2011


Alex B

Yes - I'm not sure this is quite what Marxists had in mind with the "unity of theory and practice" either.

Ian C

The perfect hit parade for the age of neoliberalism, what I call The Long 1980s. In this era, a Good Idea is judged by the yardsticks of celebrity and plutocracy, ie how many people seem to like it, how much money it makes, and how much clout it gives you in whichever marketplaces you want to dominate.

My tips for the top in a proper Big Thinkers list, say in 2050 when the Long 1980s might be over at last, include Rene Girard, the great cultural anthropologist and theoretician of mimetic desire. You heard it here first.

Dick Pountain

Surely you've encountered the Market Populist credo: "If you so smart, how come you ain't rich?"

Kate O

Did Prospect not start this unfortunate trend, when Petraeus was 'Public Intellectual' of the year in 2008? Indeed, I seem to recall his success in the poll being compared to his success in er, Iraq.

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