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June 07, 2011


Ian Christie

The first time I read about AC Grayling's new 'university' I thought it must be some kind of neo-Situationist prank, an over-ironic protest against the Market Society and the commodification of the academy. The second time I read about it and visited the website, I realised that he really does think that adopting Government policy and cranking it up to a new level of monetised exclusivity amounts to a principled stand for the humanities and the liberal society. As for the band of celebrity academics, this is reminiscent of the creation of a rock would-be supergroup by a gang of ageing stars, an academic version of the Traveling Wilburys. In this case the breadth of intellectual sympathies and interests is less than impressive. Everyone seems to be a rich soi-disant left-liberal new atheist. Is there a market for £54,000 degrees in Atheist Scientism and Self-Promotion?


Statement from AC Grayling 6 June, on Dawkins website:

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