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July 27, 2011


Karl | footysphere

Great article. The Olympics are simply a vehicle for the minority to enrich themselves. Here in Sheffield the local paper is crowing about how the Olympics are benefited the local economy and council leaders are spouting about the 'legacy benefits' of the games for the local population.

Truth is only a month ago the council announced that Sheffield's Woodbourn Stadium will be closed. This stadim has been providing affordable sporting facilities to the people of Sheffield for years now. It has hosted more local sporting events than all the other 'blue riband' venues put together.

It is truly a community stadium and it's closure will affect thousands of people who will be forced to use more expensive facilities in the city.



brian palmer

actually klf set fire to £1m on jura, which is in the inner hebrides. apart from that i wholeheartedly agree.


Ian C

Quite so on all counts. This is the apotheosis of the major parties' neoliberal cult of Delivery-Management-Growth-'Excellence', and as such will leave a legacy of busted budgets, stupendous debts and a lot of meaningless rhetoric about 'engaging the community'.
Projects like this at least have the virtue of exposing the manifold lies, delusions and hypocrisies that make up Whitehall cost-benefit analysis. Anyone turning up at the Treasury with sustainable investment proposals for local regeneration costing a thousandth of the price of the Olympics will get the bum's rush. Yet we are expected to believe that paying over the odds on epic - indeed, Olympian - scales for regeneration is a fabulous deal for the nation. (Something of the same logic applies to PFI deals - a sophisticated method for saddling taxpayers with enormously inflated bills for services they could have had more cheaply from the public sector, while retaining all the risk in the latter.)


And what makes it all the sweeter is that the stadium at the chart of it will be given over to a near-bankrupt club owned by two porn magnates, who bought it from a bankrupt Icelandic bank using money from the sale of a previous club to a shadowy Chinese syndicate, the front man of which is currently helping Hong Kong police with their enquiries, combined with a 40M loan from the local council, and the result of which is that the local team from the area are cast aside as so much knotty traditional nonsense.

It's a marvellous metaphor for modern Britain, I'm sure you'll agree.

Dick Pountain

I must mix entirely in "cynic/loser" circles, because all my friends, far from buying tickests, are trying to rent out their dwellings so they can leave the country for the duration.

Joe Fernwright

"Well, I have to confess I went to the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester. In mitigation it was one of my first dates with my wife, she had the free tickets and she suggested going.
The best bit was when the medals were presented by the Duke or Duchess of York. There was a mocking intake of breath from the crowd everytime it was announced it was them to do the presentations. Hilarious.

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