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November 30, 2011



I think you'll find they won't.

Followers of St Milt are distinguished by the conviction that if it doesn't work in practice as it is said to work in theory, you clearly aren't cutting taxes and public spending fast and deep enough.
They also go to expensive and contorted efforts to conceal their recourse to statist policies. See for example G. Osborne, who has set the Government up as a bank ('credit easing') while strenuously resisting the logical policy of actually nationalising the semi-nationalised banks and the new Green Investment Bank. Anything to save the appearances of neoliberal economics.

Will Davies

I suppose what irks me is that 'cuts create growth' was such an implausible claim in the first place, but that it was offered in scientific terms. At least Sadam's WMDs were a) a plausible reality and b) in the realm of known unknowns, bordering on unknown unknowns. But the Right probably knew that they were lying about growth all along. Of course they now blame it on Europe and everything else (economists can always hide behind the notion of 'x=y, all things being equal'). But it really is atrocious that people such as Lilico can call themselves 'economists'.

Dick Pountain

One of the more sinister political developments since the '70s has been the Right's discovery of lying - that they can get away with it, and that they can shrug it off when uncovered. Politicians have never been angels, but the level of falsehood routinely practiced now used to be confined to totalitarian states.


Dick is on to an important point here, and there is a totalitarian undertone to it. This is very clear in the American hard right, now busy taking over the Republican Party. The sight of the lamentable line-up of candidates for 2012 publicly recanting their thought crimes (eg over climate change) is straight out of a neoliberal version of '1984'. Totalitarianism is the political expression of total intolerance for rival worldviews, and thus not confined to communism and fascism by any means. Neoliberals of the US right have been drinking from the same poisoned well for some time.

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