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November 12, 2011



WTF does "mildly fascistic" mean? Killing only 600,000 Jews? Or is it just a phrase you've thrown in because you're not actually thinking, just throwing vague adjectives around in a laughable attempt to come off as oh so edgy, subversive and/or controversial? There's another thing from Wittgenstein you really should focus on: whereof you cannot speak, just shut the fuck up.


'Mildly fascistic' has a meaning. I'd say it well describes some of the English tabloids, and the atmosphere around the poppy season.

You appear to be getting angry & confused about something that has not been said - "a mild holocaust", for example.

Grow up a bit, learn a little more, then come back.

Will Davies

To start with I assumed that boredbyguardianistas must be a Chelsea fan, and had taken umbrage at my reference to John Terry and Ashley Cole. I then checked the stats to see who had logged on at 6.07pm, and discovered that he or she is in Dubai. So I'm guessing it was the term 'idiot consumant' that was responsible.

Dick Pountain

Will - there's a sinister momentum building among the right-wing trolls on the Guardian's CiF blogs - and now here - for which the term "Mildly fascistic" may eventually prove too "mild".

P. Horsfall

I couldn't agree more - this is a great article and thank you for writing it.

Will Davies

Thanks, P. Horsfall


Yes, good post Will and thanks for telling me that the bloke was Andy Murray. I thought he was a member of the 'public', or even a soldier, which made it even more confusing...

Will Davies

To make matters worse, Frank Lampard served up a slither of national pride on Saturday. At least it wasn't that heroic representative of multicultural Britain, John Terry...


It's become pretty trendy on the blogosphere these days to have a pop at the poppy, so there's nothing particular edgy or original about this post, take out any details about the current advsertising campaign and it could have been written any time in the last five years, maybe even ten years. Competent as derrivative goes.

Will Davies

Kamo - I'm not sure I've had a pop at the poppy, as you say. I think they're a wonderful institution, that was performing a subtle and often moving role in the commemoration of the last 100 years of war dead. So why not just leave it alone? Why the need to modernise on this occasion, and in the process actually undermine the important connection to the past? Since when were poppies all about curren wars, as the British Legion adverts seem to attest? The symbol was ambiguous, dispersed and often private to the wearer. Now it has become something that political and media elites attempt to extract PR advantage out of. Do you disagree with that?

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