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July 24, 2012



Escaped to Vancouver, who hosted the last (albeit winter) one. According to locals here we'll all stop complaining and be hi-5-ing tourists in the street once it starts. I was hi-5-ed by a security guy in Heathrow as I left. Not sure what that means.

Dick Pountain

Right son, you're nicked...


And now it has started, you can see that there is no grid-lock (in fact they are not even running the Olympic lanes full-time because the traffic is so light!) and the world didn't fall apart. I think London 2012 has been organised brilliantly - and thank goodness France didn't get it (smug would go nowhere near to covering it!)....we are even beating them in the medals table - despite their President being so sniffy when he visited!
I am so glad we have the Olympics and I think we have behaved with typical restraint and good manners. I seriously think that other people should have held their own counsel until the games started - then they wouldn't be looking so daft now ;)
Hmmmm - wonder if I should have waited until the Games ended before I posted this...or I could end up looking daft too!

Will Davies

Is this comment a spoof? "Thank goodness France didn't get it" sounds like someone trying to do a parody of Enid Blyton (who, in fine Olympian spirit, was also a eugenicist, incidentally).

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