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March 11, 2013


Dave Timoney

There was a series of adverts by Paddy Power a few years ago that employed the same device, in this case old footballers like Des Walker and Carlton Palmer popping up in the closet or the bath.

The "punters" then looked either perplexed or scared. In the Santander version, they appear less surprised, even (as you say) resigned. Perhaps we're being gradually acclimatised to a future avertising model in which CGI celebrity avatars bother us with personalised messages.



Even weirder is the idea that you'd want to sign up for a financial product whose rate is dependent on a sportsperson's performance. You get an extra 0.1% if Rory McIlroy wins a major... very odd.


Totally agree. The ads have managed to take beloved household names like Jessica Ennis and turn them into creepy invaders from Mars. Its defamiliarized them and made them scary - exactly the wrong tactic! Plus they look very uncomfortable playing scary androids...

its from a new school of advertizing playing on the idea of advertizing messages as intrusive - the meerkats appearing in your room while youre sleeping, or the GoCompare opera singer being annoying. Not convinced by that school at all!

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