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November 10, 2013


Ian Christie

Yes indeed.

As is the case with the banks, the energy corporations have developed a model of customer relationship that means they are only interested in you when you are a newcomer or when you threaten exit. In between they rely on our inertia, ignorance, inability to understand their messages, etc. And this near-total lack of relationship is of course described all the time as a relationship to which they are 'committed'.

I switched to Co-Op Energy, on the grounds that their claims to ethical motivations must be more credible than npower's. They are reassuringly more expensive.


I went through a similar process recently.
This is all well said, but I'd note that there's nothing irrational about "impulsive hatred of the brand" - the fact is that there is more than enough evidence to make a rational inference that they've been overcharging most of their inert customers (and you, like I must be inert, or you would have switched last year, if not before).

And tit for tat is a basic human strategy for this kind of thing. And game theory suggests it works fairly well. (What's interesting is that I think we're inert largely because we work through t-f-t with forgiveness - and nPower's strategy is designed around exploiting that to the hilt. Which is why anger/hatred is entirely justified IMO.)


true article

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