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November 28, 2013



I don't know when it's out, but this notion of the collapse of the elite's sense of itself as in any way needing to be a coherent political and economic force under neoliberalism is one Doug Henwood's long-forthcoming new book is addressing. You should hook up with him. I'd love to hear you two riffing on modern capitalism.


It's OK for you to write these things and I admit I enjoy reading them, albeit to an extent. what you actually do is you diagnose the contemporary state of affairs, in a way restricted to a branch, and deliver the critique. The area of your observation is your natural economic and scientific habitat, that is the West. Please come to Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and after living there in any of those places for a year, only then revisit your presentations. Now, there's a chalenge in there: on top of brilliant presentations of the problems, give me solutions.

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