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July 31, 2014


Joshua Mullan

Hi Will,
I was hoping to have a listen to your talk but each time I try the recording cuts out just as you begin. Not sure what the problem is but I was wondering if there was any other recording available or the text of your talk.

Will Davies

Hi Josh

Someone else did say this to me. But the link works fine for me. What if you pause it, and then let it download a while, before hitting play?

I don't have a text I'm afraid.


Rebecca White

Hello - I find it cuts out at 12 minutes. I've tried twice, once giving it a good 15 minutes download time prior to listening. Is there another link to the talk anywhere? I was enjoying it immensely.

Will Davies

I'm sorry I can't be much more helpful. I assume there is a problem with the size of the file and the blogging platform.

BUT - what if you right click on the link to the talk, then go to 'save link as'? It should then download the MP3 file itself, which I'm fairly sure is not corrupted in any way.

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