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December 16, 2014



There is lots here that I recognise from the sector I'm working in - drug and alcohol treatment. For example, read the Chief Executive of Lifeline, Ian Wardle, in his just published essay Company Naratives in a Declining Industry:

"Shrinkage in the form of planned disinvestment is now a frequent factor in driving procurement with the key priorities being the transfer of liability and radical year-on-year
reductions in contract value."

That said, I'm not sure that a value based proposition is good for what ails us either. Again from my sector, we've seen lots of iatrogenic practice performed and advocated for by sincere and passionate people and organisations.


Great piece. Your comment on audit needing a strong interventionist state reminded me of arguments made by Michael ("the other") Polanyi:
"Not before the prestige of the guardians of intellectual and moral order is broken, their autonomous circles are dispersed, and the wider public is reduced thereby to a helpless mass, can the dictator address the people directly, without fear of control or criticism." (The growth of thought in society, 1941).

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